Tuesday, January 6, 2009

NO FUN: Stooges Guitarist Ron Asheton RIP

I met and knew Ron from his days in Destroy All Monsters along with MC5 Bass player Michael Davis. The 'Monsters' used to rehearse at a house I rented with friends in Ann Arbor. Our band The State would open up for them at the Nectarine Ballroom, the VFW Hall and a few other places in the metro-Detroit area.

Ron taught this aspiring young guitar player a few riffs which now, many years later did I come to realize how special it was to hang out with those guys. He talked alot with us about the first 2 albums: The Stooges & Funhouse, was cranky (at Bowie) about Raw Power and the behind the scenes shenanigans but over all, Ron was a great guy who spent time teaching some of us guitar style points.

It was gratifying to see him finally get recognition when the Stooges reformed and that they sold-out concerts across the states and Europe.
After watching others make money off of Stooges bootlegs for decades, Ron finally, got the applause of the audience ( & hopefully some $$$) for all of those great songs and memorable guitar riffs. Best of all; another generation finally got to see The Stooges.

So long Buddy, and thanks for welcoming us to The Funhouse.