Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dingell: The Danglin' Dinosaur

Nice knowin' ya! Good stinkin' Riddance! Beat it ya chump! The state's slavish devotion to Democrats has paid huge dividends for Washington as they come for even more of your dollars, your jobs, and any clout you ever thought you had in Washington. Even the deviation of Great Lakes water can't be far behind...count on it.

John Dingell is being shoved out the door as chairman of the ostensibly powerful (at least that's the way reporters have always defined it) House Energy and Commerce Committee. Dingell has been described in the past as the "Dean" of the House of Representatives. When power is on the line, there is no tenure.

Well what's the Michigan delegation gonna do now? What are Michigan voters gonna do now? Pick their teeth up off the floor and pull their pants up. There's an election again in 2 years. The last few have given the state so much pleasure.

Some Good News: There's a print shop somewhere printing more of those "early voting" ballots.

Source: The Detroit News

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