Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hey Taxpayer: YOU STINK!

One of the simplest solutions to reduce the size and scope of legislation being proposed or passed in Washington D.C. would be to cut the air conditioning in all federal office buildings between the months of April and October. Why should the elected class be paid to practice Enron style business practices that produce Fannie-Freddie meltdowns in relative comfort?

Senate Majority Harry Reid (D): "In the summer because of the heat and high humidity, you could literally smell the tourists coming into the Capitol."

Going to Washington as an elected representative should be hard work. Perhaps nearly undesirable. Cutting representatives wages or benefits wouldn't make much of a dent in the federal budget. But making the working conditions and perks commensurate with daily American reality would perhaps, create more circumspection rather than the contempt that's typically on display from those clowns. It would be refreshing to see congress think in terms of millions again rather than "billions" and "trillions" be the common budgetary terminology. Less spending in volume and regularity would simplify the scope and vision of all of those involved. And...the republic would survive.

Yeah, it's easy to belittle what representatives do. They have their corporate planes, high-dollar lunches, and high-stakes engagements with VIPs. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a Boeing 737 at her beck & call because she's: the speaker!

There are certain committees that have necessary emergency meetings from time to time. But overall, the elected class is held in contempt by us because they rarely if ever, have demonstrated any respect for the people's liberty, their oath of office, or their treatment of the taxpayer's money.

The private sector punishes harshly many of those that scam us. We dislike being had whether it's by big business or the corner fruit stand. Private companies by and large maintain a respect for their customers that few in Washington rarely if ever demonstrate. Big and small businesses alike day in and day out have to demonstrate value and provide in many cases, air conditioning on their own dime. The elected classes of Washington want us to forget the devastation they just heaped upon America's housing market, our investments, and businesses large & small. All the while assuring us that they can solve the problem they created.

Why let them be comfortable doing it when the unpleasant stink of high temperature could remind them of how badly they have blown it?

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