Friday, December 12, 2008

A Michigan Mess! A Washington Debacle!

Michigan's Governor Jennifer Granholm questions the "patriotism" of Republican U.S. Senators opposed to a bridge loan designed to help Detroit automakers stave off a devastating bankruptcy process. Michigan's governor, having no real accomplishments except the state's economic collapse, blames all things Republican for her own party's regulatory practices that have punished Detroit for decades.

IRONY: The UAW and Democrats now look to the much hated and much maligned Republican President George W. Bush to authorize through executive action funds that GM and Chrysler say they need to survive restructuring.

Michigan Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow said that "we worked hard all night" to craft ostensibly meaniful legislation. All the while she brought up AIG's partying ways. Can Michigan's junior Senator (Heck! Can any of 'em) account for every dollar that they have doled out to Wall Street in the last 90 days?

It's simply a war of political payback: Republicans are flipping the bird to the UAW and organized labor in general for not just a lack of support, but for a decades long war against them that has defied any sense of politcal pragamatism. By aligning themselves soley with Democrats and forsaking Republicans, the Unions have painted themselves into a precarious corner. The Republican goal to humiliate the UAW may be short term but the UAW still has a long-term challenge.

Let's remember that Democrats have fought major manufacturing nationally as long as the environmental movement has had a home in the Democrat party. One has to ask, where are the "good paying American jobs" going to come from if not in part from a manufacturing process? It's a process that produces through the use of natural resources, major-purchase products. The Democrats have an interesting challenge: Either allow companies to prosper with abandon in order to provide "good paying jobs", or regulate America back to an agrarian society, which creates its own environmental wreckage upon the land.

The dichotomy here is that the the UAW has been harbored in the wrong port. Conventional wisdom has told us that businesses have traditionally supported Republicans. Prosperity and wealth building being part of the party's platform. Money may be printed by Washington, but wealth only comes from private enterprise. "Workers" of all stripes enjoy employee protection from federal, state, and local regulations that have been put in place these many years, which undermines a leg of the UAW's "helping the little guy" table. The only thing not under anyone's control: the laws of economics.

Government at all levels created this mess. It should be obvious by now that they are neither qualified or capable of producing a solution that will right anything. The free citizen is the solution. You only have to tell your government to "get out of the way".

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